Cancellation Policy: Once enrolled for any course/class/material with DACS(Divaker Academy for Civil Service), DACS shall not refund the money or transfer the money to be adjusted against any other student.

Extra Payment Refund Policy: In case DACS receives extra payments for any course by any means, after receiving proofs for such claims, DACS will try to refund the extra charges within 15 days. The ways may include direct bank transfer using NEFT, in person/authorised representative cheque collection from DACS offices or any other means agreed by the student and the management of DACS. For any bank related formalities during payment process DACS has no liability to pay for any damages which resulted solely due to bank processing or negligence from the side of the student. Students are advised to take up such matters directly with the bank and may proceed to consumer forums if not satisfied. DACS will try to help the students with constraints of time, work-force and other factors.